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John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) and its prime contractors are committed to increasing competition in contracting, enhancing our socioeconomic programs, and providing private industry the maximum opportunity to do business at KSC.  In order to demonstrate this commitment, NASA KSC OSBP and its prime contractors joined forces and created a forum, Prime Council Board (Board), to offer “One Face to Industry.”

The Board serves as an invaluable resource to preserve and promote the best interests of small business concerns by creating a channel through which they can more effectively penetrate the Federal marketplace.  A primary service offered is face-to-face meetings via KSC Prime Time and Joint Counseling.  Both formats bring together small businesses and Board members under one roof. Please call 321-867-7353 for more information.  **Until further notice, all KSC OSBP events are being held virtually.

KSC OSBP Marketing Guide and Board Contacts

KSC’s Office of Small Business Programs aims to foster small business development to meet the needs of NASA's exploration, scientific discovery and research initiatives, maximizing the ability of small businesses to participate in competitive processes through education and providing avenues to increase small business participation in the competitive process of primes represented in the Prime Council Board.

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KSC OSBP Points of Contact

Joyce C. McDowell, Small Business Specialist, 321-867-3437
Natalie B. Colvin, Small Business Specialist, 321-867-4773
General Inquiries, 321-867-7353

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