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Central Industry Assistance Office (Small Business Office)

Welcome to the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Central Industry Assistance Office (CIAO), the home of the KSC Small Business Office. The purpose of this webpage is to introduce you to the CIAO, and to provide you with links to information and guidance that will help you better utilize your resources in your quest for NASA procurement opportunities.

The CIAO serves as an outreach to private industry and is a source of information for firms seeking procurement opportunities at KSC. The CIAO is located in Building N6-1009, approximately 2 miles south of Gate #2 on State Road 3. The office is open to the public Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST). You may visit in person, or contact us at (321) 867-7353.

KSC and its prime contractors are committed to increasing competition in contracting, enhancing our socioeconomic programs, and providing private industry the maximum opportunity to do business at KSC. In order to demonstrate this commitment, NASA-KSC and its prime contractors joined forces and created a forum for offering "One Face to Industry." Thus the NASA KSC Prime Contractor Board (Board) was formed. The KSC Small Business Specialist (SBS) and Board operate out of the CIAO.

One of the primary services offered at the CIAO by the Board is "Joint Counseling." At "Joint Counseling" vendors are able to counsel with representatives from KSC and the major prime contractors under one roof without having to obtain security clearance. Joint counseling sessions are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Please call (321) 867-7353 to schedule a counseling session.

CIAO Points of Contact

Mr. Larry M. Third – Small Business Specialist – 321-867-7357

Ms. Joyce C. McDowell – Contract Specialist – 321-867-3437

Mr. Damian J. Boos – Small Business Support – 321-867-7353

The NASA Office of Small Business Programs website provides common information applicable to all NASA Centers. The site will provide you with information that will help you focus your marketing efforts on those centers that offer your firm the best opportunities. Some information available through the site includes:

  • A ten step process on how to do business with NASA
  • Information on the various small business programs within NASA
  • Access to the NASA Vendor Database - this database is used by all NASA employees for additional market research, communication, and educating the NASA industrial base about the requirements of the NASA Centers
  • Points of contact at the NASA Centers Small Business Offices and the types of products and services they procure
  • Access to the Acquisition Forecast which provides anticipated procurements at each center with the aim of increasing industries advance knowledge of NASA requirements. There is also a new tool called the Consolidated Agency-wide Acquisition Forecast which allows users to search multiple NASA Centers for specific types of opportunities to match your organizational interests. This tool contains “pivot table” capabilities and graphics to easily manipulate and illustrate the data. Please note that there are five separate tabs at the bottom of this Excel-based tool to facilitate use of unique, useful data sets.
  • Information on business development and technology to include the NASA Mentor Protégé Program and the NASA Small Business Innovation Research & Small Business Technology Transfer
  • Information on outreach events across the agency, newsletters, etc.
  • Information on agency awards and achievements
NASA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Homepage – the website provides guidance on requesting information through the FOIA, and has links to the Electronic Reading Room for each center that contains information on current and past contracts that has already been released to the general public.

The links below provide information specific to KSC:

  • NASA/KSC Prime Contractor Board - a group of NASA/KSC employees and prime contractors that have joined forces to increase competition in contracting, enhance our socioeconomic programs, and provide private industry the maximum opportunity to do business at KSC
  • Technical Small Business Coordinators - individuals within various organizations at KSC that serve as coordinators between their organizations and the KSC Small Business Office. One of the responsibilities of the Coordinator is to work closely with the Small Business Specialist to identify opportunities in order to maximize the number of awards to small businesses.
  • KSC Prime Contract List – a list of KSC prime contracts, to include points of contact for subcontracting opportunities. The list will be updated to include more contracts.
  • KSC Business Opportunities Expo – an annual outreach event sponsored by the NASA/KSC Prime Contractor Board, 45th Space Wing, and Canaveral Port Authority. The site is available year round. Check back in July each year for registration.
  • Kennedy Space Center Procurement Office (OP) – information on the KSC Office of Procurement